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New Sounds By Our Good Friend; Pittsburgh Slim

Tough Times Don’t Last [Prod By Roscoe Wiki]


Free D/L:

We’ve reached a landmark, Edition 25 in our “New Sounds” project…

I’ve been making so many beats lately (Try 2-3 every day for the past 2 months) and I’ve receive so much support for my work from the fans that I had to give back…


Free D/L: 
(or click image above)

For this one I sampled “Today” by The Smashing Pumpkins

Enjoy!!! Thank You for your support!!!



To Beat or Not To Beat… That is the question

Back in the day, Hip-Hop was known for it’s humble beginnings in The Bronx, NYC, in the late 70’s and early 80’s. In the beginning, DJ’s would “loop” the drum break of a song, long enough so that an MC could rap over it. This has come to be known as a break beat but what people didn’t realize is that an entirely revolutionary way of creating music had been invented. Sampling.

Today, It’s become a normal thing to hear a producer loop other parts of songs such as a melody, or a vocal, or WHATEVER catches their ear. Artists & Producers alike have shaped entire careers around sampling popular songs that people already know and love. Sometimes in ways that would make you go “I Never Heard It Like That Before…” and other times “Hey, It’s my favorite song… Oh wait.”

 Quincy Jones & Kanye West (L-R) Both ends of the spectrum..

The debate is: Is this really a skill? Is it that hard for someone to take another persons work, slow it down or pitch it up, add drums, a few synths, some chords, and call it his own work? The Yes’ and No’s are divided quite evenly. The answer is a personal one.. There really is no right or wrong but I do offer this insight..

Think about Hip-Hop’s inception, How “looping” the drums from popular songs and RAPPING over them can be considered a major factor that contributed to the SUCCESS of an entirely new style of music. Not only that but other styles of music began to get in the habit because of the literally ENDLESS possibilities. A lot of people don’t consider sample-based producers as musically talented as people who don’t sample. Arguing that “They’re stealing ideas” but countless bands have done covers of other bands songs. Does that make them any less talented? Whose to say that the sampler (sequencer) can’t be considered an instrument in itself?

On the flipside, some producers just DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING. They’ll have a continuous loop  playback for 5 mins of the same sample and it’ll just feel like Chinese water torture for your ears.

On a technical level: the reality is, unless you use all live instruments (drums, bass, guitar, analog synths, keys) you are sampling. Most Synths, Drum Kits, ETC are Sample-based, meaning someone had to record it in order for you to implement it into the software. You’re just playing the notes they played… key for key. That’s not considered stealing at all. It’s taking sounds and using them. NO SOUND IS NEW AND NO IDEA IS ORIGINAL (On some level at least…)

“I’m A Modern Musician And My Instrument is The Computer”

Personally, I believe if we stop putting our musicians in a box and continue to allow them to think outside of it, then we’ll all enjoy music a lot more. You have to let THEM feel what they’re doing or else it just won’t be real to them OR you… Even if you don’t understand it. What’s Stevie Wonder without the piano? Jimi Hendrix without the guitar? Pete Rock without the MPC? Who cares?! Listen to the f*ckin’ music and enjoy it!

-Roscoe “WIKI” Rhoden Jr.

My Time At Full Sail University Has Finally Come To A Closing…

I’ve learned so much at Full Sail. Things that are fundamental in anyone’s career. Being here has definitely taken my production and people skills up by quite a few notches and it wasn’t necessarily just being in the class room that did this, it was being in an environment where I could focus on my craft and also having that desire to want to learn and improve my skills 24/7.

It was a long trip.. At times, I didn’t think we would make it but we did and I earned that bachelors of science degree of the Recording Arts at Full Sail. Can you say “Its Wiki Bitch?”


I owe it all to these people:


What’s Next? The Return To Headquarters (Pittsburgh, PA) And Make The Best Music I Ever Have… Again

A Huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE who supports me. You Make This Possible.



Devin Miles dropped his tape “This Is How I Live” today and it’s definitely got some great sounds on there. Check it out #TheRLES


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